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's death. >> we actually had a conversation with jayna when she was helping us at the store and it was unbelievable. like someone that you talked to a month ago is now dead. i was shocked. >> reporter: the store was closed for several weeks after the murder and renovated before it reopened. even so, it will be hard for people to forget what happened here. >> it was really scary to see in bethesda. so top of mind for everyone around here. >> reporter: prosecutors say they have plenty of forensic evidence against norwood who they believe killed murray after she found stolen merchandise in norwood's bag. strongest evidence against norwood may be recordings of her repeatedly changing her story, possibly to cover her tracks. many said they planned to follow the trial to friday and make sense of it all. >> it is a horrendous crime, coworkers, should have been some type of intervention. i doubt if it was an instant impulsive act. >> it is like my age and just so freaky and weird and i have been reading about it in the paper but i am curious to see what is going on with it. >> repor
. they will be with us intermittently as we watch the frontal system sag to the south. at reagan national, 57 degrees. we will have some periods of shower activity. highs in the mid-60s. so a cool one out there. changes, cold weather, coastal storm. we'll look at that coming up. >> thank you. >>> now to today's top stories. police are searching for a suspect after a local college student and marine was murdered in a quiet community. 24-year-old alonzo guy top was a second year music major at howard university. early tuesday morning, he was gunned down in mount rainier. police believe it was a robbery gone wrong. >>> the lululemon trial picks back up today. brittany norwood is accused of beating coworker jayna murray to death last march and then trying to cover it up. defense lawyer admitted norwood killed murray during a heated argument but that it was not premeditated and not first degree murder. the trial is expected to last about two weeks. >>> still, no sign of a missing 9-year-old autistic boy in central virginia. a huge search involving hundreds of volunteers will pick back up later on this morning
in the u.s. since dale earnhardt on the final lap of the 2001 daytona 500. wheldon leaves behind a wife and two young children n new york, i'm harris faulkner, fox news. >>> we had some beautiful weather for a very special day in the district yesterday. the dedication of the martin luther king, jr. memorial. stevie wonder and president obama headlines the event on the national mall yesterday. for many it was a return trip to d.c. the original date in august was postponed because of hurricane irene. but only sunshine for the thousands who came out, some minding up before dawn even near the spot where dr. king delivered his historic i have a dream speech. >>> in sports now, the redskins fell to michael vick and the philadelphia eagles. 20-13 was the score. rex grossman was benched after throwing four interceptions. the loss dropped the skins to 3- 2 on the season. >>> to baseball now and the world series is set. it will be the st. louis cardinals versus the texas rangers. cards captured their 18th pennant last night with a 12-6 win over the milwaukee brewers. the world series gets under w
, the judge said prosecutors will not be allowed to use certain graphic photos in their opening statements. >>> herman cain has jumped to the top of the field but a controversial commercial is raising questions about what message he is delivering. tom fitzgerald explains. >> reporter: he is officially the frontrunner but herman cain is now drawing attention for one of his staffers. >> mark block here. >> reporter: mark block, cain's chief of staff, is burning up the internet after a youtube video ends with him smoking a cigarette. the video, political analysts say, is meant to send a message. >> i am in the going to follow what the government tells me to knowledge. >> reporter: leonard steinhorn is a political science professor at american university. he says the smoking video is cain's way of thumbing his nose at big government. >> he appeals to anti- government conservatives, anti- government republicans and that is what fits with their message. >> reporter: the latest cbs "wall street journal" poll finds cain leading over the rest of the field. trying to save his campaign, rick perry un
. >> there is no power right now. we're just using candles and flashlights and off to work we go. >> reporter: the 750,000 without power in connecticut broke a record for the state pummeled by hurricane irene just months before. >> this is the largest number of power outages that we have ever experienced. >> reporter: in new jersey where more than 600,000 lost power including governor chris christie, utility officials warn of lengthy outages. crews are working in up to 19 inches of snow where downed trees and messy roads are hampering efforts. some occupy wall street protesters in new york have weathered the storm. newark liberty and kennedy airports experiencing long delays saturday along with philadelphia's airports. >> power is going in and out. bathrooms are locked. >> reporter: as for the power outages, there will be added danger to halloween night as millions of trick or treaters will head out into the night without streetlights. >>> to sports now, the once promising season is starting to slip away for the redskins. the burgundy and gold suffered their third straight defeat sunday losing to the
as they are using t on cross-examination, the officer admitted writing in his report, the cut and to be a defensive wound. the officer told the court, i let my empathy no ms. norwood overwhelm me. they called a nurse to the stand who cared for norwood at the hospital. >> beth hager told the court the laceration for her head was obviously a scratch. they had scratches on her legs as well. prosecutors believe the wounds norwood says she sustained for self-inflicted. she said she was lying on her back for hours waiting to die but the blood ran down the front of her face. >>> fox 5 has complete coverage of the trial. paul wagner is providing constant updates for us on air and online via twitter. a link to his account is on our home page at in the hot topics people. >>> we still have plenty ahead, your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. fox 5 morning news starts now. >>> wear taking a live look right now over washington, d.c. from our tower cam on this friday. right now, you can see the washington monument there to your right. it may look a little different in parts of our area to
any time third place in many polls trying to gain momentum. >> the idea that you stand here before us and talk about that you are strong on immigration is on its face the height of hypocrisy. >> i don't think i've ever hired an illegal in my life so i'm looking forward to finding your fabts on that -- your facts on that. >> i'm speaking. >> former utah governor john huntsman is boycotting the debate to pressure nevada to hold its caucuses later next year. >>> it is 4:30 on this wednesday, october 19th. we are halfway through the workweek, folks but we got to get through this today. awful rainy out there this morning. you can see it out there on the roadways. checking in with tucker in just a second here. good morning, i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say hello to tucker barnes who has the latest for us. >> a slow commute for many of us as i can tell you, i had a slow commute. >> oh, did you? >> well, it's very rainy. >> you get the leaves on the roadway. >> we'll let julie talk about the roads. you can see the showers coming in. pockets of red here along the 95
should be supporting and helping us to get out of this instead of supporting the copings who refuse to hire know matter how much you help them out. >> reporter: many here are protesting the war. today marks the 10th anniversary of the invasion into afghanistan. as far as the demonstrations are concerned, this is day two of their protests. they plan to be out here on freedom plaza through sunday. that is the latest here. >> thank you. >>> president obama got hit with tough questions from reporters but was in fighting form yesterday pushing congress to unite behind his jobs proposal. the president is looking to hold republicans responsible for opposing the plan and says he has gone out of his way to work with them. house speaker john boehner replied that the president is campaigning while gop lawmakers are legislating. >>> activists from the climate, environment and faith communities are protesting. the key stone pipeline has faced numb reduce lawsuits and harsh criticism. >>> guilty is a verdict in a heart-wrenching case where a woman is going to jail for killing her open grandchild.
out from the crowd and it just won him a best beard contest. john-rehand shows us. >> reporter: 61-year-old john burgess a west virginia physician who specializes in pain management and in hormonal balance treatment. he is also the father of six children home schooled by him and his physician wife. he sports a big beard which he normally keeps tied up. recently, however he let down his beard to enter a competition on the ifc network show called whys consider wars. he took first place in the category best natural beempled his whiskers go well below his waist line and they used to be longer i don't about five, 10 years ago, it went to the floor. >> reporter: why did you decide to shorten to a bit? >> i didn't, god did. i'm getting old. things are getting shorter. >> reporter: it just doesn't grow. >> also from walking up steps, doing things, it is kind of hard to keep it going like that. >> reporter: why does dr. john burgess let his beard grow as long as possible? >> it is a reflection of hormonal health. long hair on women is usually a healthy woman. and long hair, beard on a guy i
shower activity has pushed off to the east and that has left us a little fog across it is year. we have a fog advisory for points to our south and west. be ready for the potential for some dense fog in spots. visibilities in a few places have been reduced to a quarter mile or less. there is a live look at your hd radar showing you the activity. we'll be in for a beautiful day once we get the fog out of here. nice looking tuesday shaping up. temperature at reagan national, 57 degrees. winds are very light out of the north at zero miles per hour. plenty of sunshine. enjoy today because things go downhill from here. highs in the upper 60s and mostly sunny this afternoon. >> thank you. >>> the trial of a woman charged with killing a coworker at the lululemon store in bethesda is under way. brittany norwood is accused of fatally beating jayna murray inside the clothing shop. more than # 5% of potential jurors said they had heard of the case. >>> the man accused of plotting to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. plead not guilty even though authorities say he pleaded guilty to the plot. t
>>> off the top this morning, from ipods to ipads, he revolutionized the way we used technology. the world is remembering apple co-founder steve jobs, dead at the age of 56 after a long bat we'll pancreatic cancer. >>> i'm maureen umeh. the flags at apple are flying at half-staff. we'll have more information in a moment. first, let's get a look at our forecast with tucker barnes. >> let's get it going. show you the satellite-radar. there are a few clouds streaming through. we have a little back door cold front that has been working through during the overnight hours. that will hold temperatures down a degree or two today. instead of mid-70s, we'll probably be in the low 70s, upper 60s. let's get to temperatures. switch maps, 56 at reagan national. a little cooler in baltimore this morning, 48. 49 in hagerstown. ocean city, good morning. you are 62 degrees. sunshine, mild conditions expected this afternoon with highs by 4:00 p.m. about 70 degrees. good looking day. back to you. >> thank you. >>> our top story, apple's ceo, steve jobs, dead at the age of 56. the visionary who chan
will start giving you a heads up before you go over your monthly limb feats talking, texting and data use. they will send you warnings via text messages. they will be sent automatically. the warning system should be in place within two years. . >>> we still have plenty ahead, your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. fox 5 morning news starts now. >>> good morning on this tuesday. we are taking a look at the washington monument this morning. it is in the 50s out there. you will need a jacket for sure when you head out today. the good thin is it doesn't look like it's raining, no fog to speak of at least from this picture. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say hello to talker once again with the latest on the -- let's say hello to tucker once again with the latest on the forecast. it looks nice from the picture. >> yes, it is cool out there. we should see a decent am of sunshine and a little more in the cloud coverage as a storm starts to develop. >> i like how you slipped that in. >> no, it will be nice. let's get right to the numbers. you can see i don't kn
't have made it through it without all of you people out here that have supported us. >> it is because of the letters and the calls and just amazing support that we've received from people all over the world especially here in seattle that we've been able to endure. >> reporter: an emotional amanda says the moment seemed surreal and she is happy to be home with her loved ones. >> i was looking down from the airplane and it seemed like everything wasn't real. what is important for me to say is thank you to everyone who believed in me, who has defended me, who supported my family. my family is the most important thing to me right now and i just want to go and be with them. >> reporter: those who know the knox family are wishing her an easy transition. >> reporter: knox could be headed back to italy and to court. prosecutors are expected to appeal at quittal sending the case to the italian supreme court. >>> closing arguments are expected today in the trial of a virginia woman accused of thoughing her grand dot ferreira a parking garage walkway at tysons corner. carmela de la rosa has ple
arabia's ambassador. one of them has dual u.s. and iranian citizenship. let's get more from lauren demarco live outside the saudi embassy. >> reporter: u.s. officials say the alleged terror plot involved two iran onagents and they were planning to murder the saudi arabian ambassador to the u.s. right here in washington. now, one of the two men churned was arrested september 29th at new york's -- charmed was arrested september -- charged was arrested september 29th at new york's jfk airport. he was charged in new york in federal court with trying to hire a mexican dug lord with trying to asass its the ambassador. he was also an informant for the dea. u.s. stulls say it included blowing up a d.c. restaurant frequented by the ambassador and u.s. senators. u.s. officials say he confessed to the plot and blamed his cousin, a general in the iranian military with ordering the hit. the alleged co-conspirator is reportedly in iran and has not been captured. >> the complaint alleges that this conspiracy was conceived, was sponsored and directed from iran and constitutes a flagrant violation of
. will that wind help to try us out today? >> you got it. we'll have winds gusting up to about 40 miles per hour today. should be a pleasant day although on the cool side. let's kick it off with a look at vipir. we'll show you what is going on out there. as we look at the radar, you can see that we've got a lot of shower activity off to the north and east and it looks like the last round of showers has really pushed off to the north this morning and we should be looking at quiet are weather for our morning. not expecting rain for the morning commute. temperature right now, 63 degrees. humidity, 78%. you've got the winds out of the south at 17. the pressure is way down. breezy and cool out there although a lot more sunshine than yesterday. highs in the mid-60s. we should be dry today. more details on the forecast. we'll look at the weekend in just a minute. back to you. >> thank you. >>> some of the top stories this morning, a deadly shooting on board a metrobus. this happened on the w 4 bus just after midnight near the 2300 block of alabama avenue in southeast. so far, no word on what led to the
words for two separate accounts, customers will go back to using one account and fees will stay the same. >>> we still have plenty ahead. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. good morning. we're taking a live look at the washington monument this morning. good morning for some of you and good night for some of you who may be working the overnight hours. let's say good morning to tucker barnes. we've had such summery temperatures. >> i wish you were saying good night to me so i could go back to bed. >> a lot of people are working overnight. >> i know they are. the rain is not too far away just off to the south. that will an rifing late this afternoon and tonight -- that will be arriving late this afternoon and tonight. you can see it is generally cooling off overnight back into the 50s and low 60s. 63 the warm spot at reagan national. 54 in winchester and hagerstown. 54 in ocean city. you can see the rain shield with it. that will be approaching later this afternoon and tonight. a mostly cloudy day today and underneath the cloud cover, we'll be cooler than yesterday. there you go. mostly
the september meeting with mta. >> they surprised us and told us they have expanded the maintenance yard and rail line and now it will run across the entire back line of our community. >> reporter: this say out of nowhere, mta had new designs for the expansion. it was originally tucked away in an industrial area but now it would be bigger and closer to i residential area. >> thrill within bright lighting, 200 employees. they are putting a new parking garage, multi-story parking garage, office building and 12 layers of tracks that the trains will sit on and this will be right in the back of the neighborhood. >> the noise, is will open 24/7. they plan to have 200 employees coming in this three different shifts working around the clock. >> reporter: mta leaders explained the original project went from four miles of single tracking to 16 miles of double tracking. >> the design now allows for trains to be able to enter and leave the yard at either end. and what that does is that reduces the amount of activity. >> reporter: mta project manager michael maden also says the new location of the st
on the orange line where trains are busier than anywhere else on the system and it prepares us for the additional trains that will need to operate on the silver line as that service comes online. >> reporter: metro brought in the system's original lance maker to rework the design. >> i can testify that changes -- i had a hard time changing anything on that map. >> reporter: metro is still working on the map for the new dulles rail extension. it is being called the silver loon. weiman is still pushing for pink j >> it seems look a nice welcome coming in from the airport as the cherry blossom line. >> reporter: the agency is looking at whether to ad icons for maim our attractions. >> the next version beyond this version of the map would come when we open dulles, when dulles begins service so that would be in 2013 so we have some time. >> reporter: metro deferred its decision on chaining station names. >> if you have smaller names, you can make them bigger so they are aeasier to see and you can remember them more easily. >> reporter: in northwest, sherry ly, fox 5 news. >>> people
the last major -- [ no audio ] [ no audio ] the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations said despite the progress, more work needs to be done. >> this is an important moment but for all the emotion involved, i stress this thing is still far from over. if it turns out to be a radical islamivity is regime or one that harbors international terror, we will have taken a step backwards. >> reporter: libyan leaders say ghadafi will be given a secret burial. nato will end air campaign over libya on friday. mary ann rapheerty, fox news. >>> and this mornings, d.c. mayor vincent gray is asking for a federal disaster declaring a and is requesting $15 million. the cathedral was damaged in august and is due to reopen november 12th and reparse could take more than two years. mayor gray said that he will seek another seven million dollars in disaster funs. the city government buildings damaged during the quake. >>> and in sports, the world series is leaving at one game appease now. the texas rangers rallied with two runs in the top of the 9th to beat the cardinals 2-1. josh hamilton and michael you
>>> good morning, everyone. taking a live look at the u.s. capitol dome. the temperature are pretty nice as you head out there. look like it is 58 degrees. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. let's get a quick check of the weather with tucker barnes. >> very nice conditions. we are off to a pleasant start after i agreat -- what a beautiful weekend we had with sunshine, temperature in the upper 70s yesterday -- after a quiet -- what i beautiful weekend we had with sunshine, temperatures in the upper 70s yesterday -- what a beautiful weekend we had with sunshine, temperatures in the upper 70s yesterday. 58 at reagan national. the pressure with a -- way up. warm out there today. plenty of sunshine. a few more clouds than yesterday. highs in the upper 70s. more details on the forecast in just a minute. back to you. >> some of the top stories we are following this morning. christian protesters clashing with muslims and security fores in egypt. at least 24 people have been killed and 200 injured in alexandria and cairo. now, this all started as a peaceful protest of an attack on a christian
never admitting he gave jackson propofol. >>> it is back to work for the u.s. supreme court. the new session begins today with several controversial issues on the table. fox 5's stacy cohen is live outside the supreme court with more. >> reporter: the supreme court will open at 10:00 a.m. and they do have quite an agenda ahead of them this session. they span from immigration cases to president obama's health care package. on sunday, several supreme court justices participated in the traditional red mass. that happens at st. matthew's cathedral every year and it is a tradition for the leaders to come and pray for wisdom. a choice they will have to make is whether or not they will rule on the nation's health care reform law. >> you have both the states that are challenging the law as well as the administration itself telling the supreme court you need to decide this issue now. i think the likelihood of supreme court review has increased and i think all of these factors together make day pretty difficult invitation for the supreme court to turn down. >> reporter: the other two bathe cas
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